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    What is foiling and embossing?

    Foiling, known as foil stamping and is the application of a metallic or a matt colour. Gold and silver are the most commonly used, and the design or text is heated and stamped onto the paper with a die. Combining this process with embossing, will give your text a 3d appearance.

    Letterpress is where the letters or design is pushed into the paper with a metal die, and a viscous ink is used to give colour. It’s a very old form of printing and was once the only form of printing, today it has evolved to be reserved for formal occasions .

    These processes do not allow for each invitation to be personalised. The host would either, hand write each guest name on each invitation or word the invitation, so that it does not allow for a guest name.

    This is most commonly used in wedding invitations, but the second most popular occasion is christenings. All the details of the invitation can be imprinted using these techniques, but another option is to have the bride and grooms name and date of the wedding or in the case of a christening, the person’s name being baptised, the only foiled letterpress text to make it stand out from the rest.

    Speciality printing can be quite costly for small runs. It becomes more cost effective when there is a quantity of 200 invitations or more. Invitations can be any size, but you can not use fine lettering / thin strokes or images with thin lines as both of these processes will not pick up the detail.

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