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    Do I send out thankyou cards after my wedding?

    It is a nice gesture, to send out thankyou cards, to guests who attended the wedding or could not attend and brought you a gift or gave you money.

    The thankyou gift is the bonbonniere that is given on the tables at the reception. This can be individual or one per family. The thankyou cards, are a printed card and envelope. If you want to continue the them of your wedding, use the same design and paper/card as the wedding invitations and include a photo of yourselves on the wedding day, along with a small thankyou message. A good card size is C6 (114mm x 162mm) and generally one per family.

    A great idea, is to send the thankyou card along with a photo taken of yourselves and the guests that you are sending the thankyou note too. If you had a photo with Adam and Sarah, when sending Adam and Sarah’se thankyou card, you would include the photo of you, your partner, Adam and Sarah.

    Thankyou cards, have 1 small paragraph, thanking the guests for helping to celebrate the wedding day and make it special, the bride and grooms name and date of the wedding.

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