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    Quick tips 10 Invitation do’s and dont’s


    • Check over your guest list and make sure you have not left anyone out, check with your partner and possibly, both your parents.
    • Shop around for invitations and decide on a budget and stick to it.
    • Match the colours used on the invitation, with the reception, such as bows on chair covers and wedding cake.
    • Allow enough time to carefully plan the invitation design and for them to sent out to guests with enough notice. You can see my article on “when should you start organising wedding invitations?”
    • Tie all stationery items in the with same style, keep the font and paper the same and selected embellishments. Eg. If you had a diamante cluster on your invitations, backed by ribbon, you could use the ribbon only on table menus or place cards and church books. This will cut the cost down and these items do not have to be as glamorous as the invitations.


    • Decide and buy an invitation without talking to your partner first, if their happy for you to choose whatever you like, great, but make them feel wanted and needed, because it is both your big day.
    • Make the invitations yourself, if you are not familiar with programs like word, publisher or indesign. Getting the setup and design right will take many hours, you did not anticipate for and you would have brought stock you can not return or use, if you are unable to make it work. You also have to think about the type of printer you have, will it print on the paper you are buying? An alternative here, would be for us to design, print and cut everything to size and you can assemble it. This is known as our ready to assemble option.
    • Look at the price on each quote only, look at the description and what you are being quoted for, so you thoroughly compare quotes and not have any hidden surprises.
    • Get overwhelmed and confused by all the choice, focus on what you do and don’t like and narrow it down.
    • Organise your invitations before you have booked the church / ceremony and reception. These are the 2 most important things that must always be done first, so you can plan everything around them.

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    WEDINV28 Silver lasercut wedding invitation with rustic brown insert and black ribbon to close

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