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    When should you start organising wedding invitations?

    We recommend about 4 months before the date, if it is a local wedding, or about 6 months, before hand, if the wedding is not local (a few hours away, interstate or overseas). If your wedding will not be local, guests need to plan accommodation, put in for leave at work, find someone to take care of their pets and make travel arrangements. You want to give them as much notice as possible, so they can arrange all this and be there on your special day. Some work places require a month’s notice for leave.

    The invitation process takes about a month from start to finish and invitations are sent out with 6 – 8 weeks notice for local weddings and up to 4 months for non-local weddings.

    Invitations are such an important part of your wedding, you may want to allow even more time, to put careful planning into the design to match your theme. After all, there is so much to choose from when picking an invitation, from the size of the invitation, fonts, colours, embellishments such as lace, ribbons, bows, pearls, diamantes and how it will all be placed on the invitation. Don’t forget you also need to organize your guest list and get the correct spelling of guest names and their partners. As well as any addresses you may not know. Another factor to bear in mind is the Christmas closures, which happen a few days before Christmas to the first or second week of the new year.

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