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    What are bonbonnieres / favour boxes / bombonnieres?

    Bonbonnieres are an inexpensive way to say thankyou to your guests for attending your event and take home a keepsake / reminder of your event.

    It can be one per family or one per guest. This can be anything, like a chocolate heart, a box of almonds, a small bottle of whiskey or wine, a bottle opener, or a cake box with a piece of cake in it or a donation made to a charity on their behalf.  A thankyou note is attached to it, or printed on it and they are decorated using the same colours from your invitation.

    The thankyou note, thanks the guests for celebrating the day with you and has the bride and grooms names and sometimes the date. It is a small tag measuring 30mm x  90mm and has a hole punched in the top left hand corner to allow it to be tied to the bonbonniere.

    With other occasions, it is not as common to give bonbonnieres, for example at birthdays, christenings and kitchen teas. At kids birthday party’s, the kids that came usually receive a party bag filled with lollies. At christenings you could give a small photo frame or a box of almonds, both with a thankyou note attached.

    The bonbonnieres are placed on the tables at the reception. The bride and groom hand them in to the wedding reception, the week of the wedding and the staff at the reception distribute them on the tables.

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