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    Why its so important to pick the right invitation

    Do you feel that invitations cost alot of money, mainly because guests throw the invitation in the bin after the event?
    Invitations are perceived as something easy to make and few realise the amount of work and planning that goes into it. An invitation is the first impression, given to guests about the event and its formalities. The first thing guests notice about an invitation is the layout and design, followed by the wording.
    Have you asked yourself or your partner, why can’t we send an email, text message or social media invite? These are very impersonal and cold requests and guests can feel part of mailing list. Guests will be much more relaxed and less inclined to RSVP, because of their informal invitation.
    Have you found the perfect invitation, but the not so perfect price? If this is the case, speak to us, we can work out ways to reduce the cost, from taking something off the invitation that will not majorly impact the overall look of the invitation, changing information cards to a cheaper option or you assembling the invitations yourself.
    If you can’t help but feel, if everything you have chosen will come together and work well, we will speak up, if we think something will not look right or work well with the colour scheme. Ultimately it is your choice, but you are made aware of any potential risks of it.

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