Thermographic Raised Ink Invitations

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    Thermographic printing is also known as raised ink printing uses an embossing powder, made from plastic resins on the lettering of the invitation. The areas selected for raised printing are printed with slow-drying inks that do not contain dryers or hardeners so that they remain wet during the application of powder. This ink is dried and hardened later during a very hot and quick the heating process.

    For best results, do not use images with fine lines or text that is very small. This process uses metal plates and therefore can not be customised with guest names.

    Please enquire for a quote. As an average it is approximately $5.00 each. (Price mentioned include stock, but exclude additional stationery, such as envelopes, RSVP’s and are for a quantity of 75 – 100). The higher the quantity, the lower the cost, the lower the quantity, the higher the cost.