• LASINV38 Brown couple Lasercut Invitation
    • LASINV39 Navy blue man and woman Lasercut Invitation
    • LASINV39 inside of Navy blue man and woman Lasercut Invitation
    • LASINV40 White man and woman Lasercut Invitation
    • LASINV40 inside of white man and woman Lasercut Invitation
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    Romance Forest Lasercut Invitation, 31 Colours Available

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    Lasercut Card Colour * 

    Envelope Colour * 


    250gsm card stock, recommended for laser printers not inkjet.

    Insert Backer

    This goes behind the insert to create a border.

    7.5% for orders of 20 packets or more, 12.5% discount for orders of 30 packets or more, 22% discount for orders of 40 packets or more.

    127mm x 185mm.

    Laser cut cards with envelopes, excludes inserts and any embellishments pictured. Envelopes come in white, ivory, blush pink or metallic gold. If you do not specify a colour, one will be selected for you. You are buying the lasercut card and envelopes only. If you buy the insert, it does not include flower lasercut at bottom right hand corner.

    Pack size of 5, minimum order of 10 packs.

    (Due to the process of laser cutting, slight burn marks may be visible. This is the nature of the product.)

    DIY Laser cut invitations. DIY your wedding invitations, engagement invitations, birthday invitations, baby shower invitations, graduation invitations and more. We offer a printing and seal and send service.

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