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    Do I need to have arranged seating at my wedding reception?

    Having arranged seating, adds to the formality of your event and let those closest to you, sit closest to you at your wedding.

    The wedding reception will most likely ask you for a seating plan, so you will generally need to make one, weather you decide to have it printed or not. As guests arrive on the day, they are given their table number by a staff member of the reception.

    Individual place cards, seats each guests at their own spot on their table. Place cards can be used with bonbonnieres as a personalised thankyou tag. It can be a folded or flat card.

    The other option is a tri-folded table menu. It is a free-standing menu that lists all the table number and guest’s names on one side, the menu on the second and the names of the bride and groom on the third. You could however, change this to having the guest names on one side, the table number on the second side and the menu on the third. This would leave the bride and grooms name off.

    With both of these options to allow the theme to flow through, use the same stock as your invitations and you can include an embellishment from your invitations, such as the specialty paper used or ribbon and bows or keep it simple and cheap and have it printed only.

    Tri-fold table menus are a cheaper option, then individual place cards, because if you had 200 guests, you would only need 20 tri-fold menus, as opposed to 200 individual place cards.

    We can provide the stock, or design, print and assemble, ready to give to your reception place. A proof is always emailed to you, before the job goes to print, so you can make changes as required. Jobs are only printed when the proof is approved by you. You can order online, by email, or in person. Any variations in size and styles can be quoted on.

    Call me on 0431 554 453 or email info@redroseinvitations.com.au to see how I can help you pick the perfect invitations.

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