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    Do I need ceremony books at my wedding?

    It’s not necessary to have ceremony books, also known as order of service and church books at the wedding ceremony, however, it allows guests to follow what is being said and the rituals being performed.

    These books are handed out to guests, at the ceremony’s entrance. The cover is, the same stock as the invitations and can have the same colour ribbon and bow used on the invitations. The inside, is an 80 – 100gsm white or cream paper, matching the colour of the cover. If the cover is white, the inside paper is white. The cover is printed with the couples names and date and can include the wording “the marriage of…” or the place where the ceremony is held at.

    The contents of the book, has the celebrant or priest’s name who is performing the ceremony and the bridal party on page 1. The book then includes, the hymns, readers, readings and vows and any rituals performed, in the order that they happen. The last page, or the last paragraph, usually thanks guests for their attendance and well wishes.

    The book is generally an A4 folded to A5 and stapled in the middle. A long arm stapler is needed to reach the middle of the book. The book must be made in lots of 4, to avoid blank pages. So your book would need to be either 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 pages.

    Please note all of the above are guides only.

    If you need help with printing and designing, please send us an email and we can help. We can take care of designing the PDF file and emailing it to you, for you to print yourself, providing the stock only, or designing, printing and assembling the books, ready to hand out to guests. A proof is always emailed to you, before the job goes to print, so you can make changes as required. Jobs are only printed when the proof is approved by you. You can order online, by email, or in person.

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