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    What are wishing well cards for wedding invitations?

    Wishing wells are, only often found with wedding invitations. With other occasions, such as birthdays and christening’s, it is uncommon.

    A wishing well is anything from 1 sentence, to a paragraph, explaining, that the bride and groom would prefer money over gifts. It can also be a rhyming poem, telling their guests, their house is already setup with furniture, linen and kitchenware and a gift of money would be more beneficial. Couples can also ask for, a donation towards their honeymoon.

    The wishing well is either printed on the inside of an invitation card, or is a separate card, placed on top of the invitation, or inside an opening invitation, in the envelope.

    Invitations can also be made with a pocket on one side, of a card, to hold the wishing well, RSVP and any other cards, such as a recommended accommodation card.

    The wishing well is printed in the same format and stock as the invitation.

    Here are various wishing well designs.

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