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    How to calculate the right amount of DIY stock for your invitations

    1. Work out how many invitations you need to make.

    2. Make a list of the stationery items you need – card, envelopes, RSVP cards etc.

    3. Buy a minimum of 5 – 10 over’s, this depends on how experienced you are. (test runs can always be done on plain copy paper, cut to the same size as they stationery you are setting up.) This point is particularly important for envelopes, as they can easily jam in the printer and getting the text placement right for embellishments such as ribbon or the fold on a opening card.

    4. For embellishments, calculate how much you need for 1 invitation, so if you needed 15cm of ribbon for 1 invitation and had to do 60, you would need: 15 x 60 = 900/100 = 9 metres plus at least an extra 2 meters.

    5. Find and buy an adhesive – glue, tape, also calculate how much you need, plus at least 10% over.

    6. The main key here is to always buy overs because you do not want to be running back to the shop, hoping they still have what you need in stock.

    To buy DIY paper, cards and envelopes, click here. To buy DIY embellishments, like ribbon, lace, diamantes, click here.

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