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    Tips to DIY invitations

    This is such a big topic, because they are so many possibilities with invitations, but here is quick summary :

    If you feel you are very crafty and creative, or you feel, you would like to save some money on your invitations, DIY, is the answer for you.

    Pick how you want your invitation to look – perhaps a flat card, which is printed on 1 side only, with a photo or image and the invitation details. If so, you can create your design in Microsoft word, or Adobe Photoshop. Whichever program you know how to use.

    Open a new document, change the paper size, to the size you want your invitation to be (keep in mind, it needs to be 5mm smaller then the envelopes you are using).

    Type up the text, select the font you like or play around with a few. Change the font colour or keep it in black. Insert a photo or picture as the entire background or re-size it to fit on half the invitation.

    Buy card stock of no less then 250gsm (do a test run to ensure this will go through your printer, if not, you could always get someone else to print it for you. We provide a printing service and can post your job back to you).

    You would want to use a textured paper, such as felt, or a metallic paper. You could even use a gloss paper. Metallic stocks are only laser printer compatible.

    Printed only invitations are mainly used for birthdays, christenings, kitchen teas and hens and bucks night.

    For a formal event, such as wedding, you may want to include, embellishments, such as ribbons, bows, speciality papers, diamantes or pearls. Have a look at some designs, pick a style you like, that’s suited to how much you wanted to spend.

    You invitation can be set up in Microsoft Word or Adobe Indesign. Following the same steps as mentioned for a printed invitation. Leave space for the ribbon, speciality paper, lace or other embellishments.

    Do a test print on plain 80gsm copy paper, to see if the text needs to be re-positioned, for the embellishments or the fold of an opening card.  You can do several of these, until it’s correctly positioned and you won’t be wasting you expensive invitation stock.

    Once everything is correct, you can add guest names, by doing a mail merge, from a list typed up in Microsoft Excel.

    To adhere the embellishments to your invitation, use double sided tape and a glue gun. In some instances you will need double sided permanent tape, which is much more adhesive then standard double sided tape. Try these adhesives and see what works best for you.

    There are tools available, like a double sided tape gun, to make the job quicker. Designing, printing and assembling approx 50 invitations can take around 10 hours, it all depends on the complexity of the invitations.

    We sell all the stock for DIY invitations. You would pick the style you want and all the parts of that invitation are sent to you. Visit our website today!

     Call me on 0431 554 453 or email info@redroseinvitations.com.au to see how I can help you pick the perfect invitations.

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